Author Override

For those of you who may have content written by multiple authors on your site you can assign different authors to each post if desired.

Traditionally you would assign a global author for the entire site and those attributes would be used in all post bylines, social networking links in the footer, Twitter Cards, and Google Authorship. These owner variables defined in your config.yml

Start by creating an authors.yml file in the _data folder and add your authors using the following format.

# Authors

  name: Billy Rick
  email: [email protected]
  bio: "What do you want, jewels? I am a very extravagant man."
  avatar: bio-photo.jpg
  twitter: extravagantman

  name: Cornelius Fiddlebone
  email: [email protected]
  bio: "I ordered what?"
  avatar: bio-photo.jpg
  twitter: rhymeswithsackit

To assign Billy Rick as an author for our post. We’d add the following YAML front matter to a post:

author: billy_rick